Shelter-In-Place Statement

Western Livestock Auction will continue to operate during the statewide shelter in place order as we in the food and agriculture industries have been designated as critical infrastructure sectors. We will be encouraging everyone to be compliant with Governor Bullock’s order. These recommendations are applicable to our regular sales and production sales.
1. If you are not an active buyer, please stay home. You can watch the sale online.
2. If you are an active buyer, please leave your family home. Children are less likely to comply with social distancing and hand washing recommendations.
We care deeply about our customer’s and employee’s continued good health and ask for your cooperation during this difficult time. Please allow us to continue fulfilling our role in the food supply chain.
Contact our office at 406-727-5400 if you have any further questions.

COVID-19 Situation

We WILL continue to have our weekly cattle sales at Western Livestock Auction in Great Falls. We fully understand and respect the attempts to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus. With that being said, our consignors and buyers that attend our cattle sales are from a somewhat localized level and our crowds usually don’t exceed 50 people. Out of state buyers can use order buyers or the internet and in reality have been doing this for several years. We do not want to do anything to jeopardize the health of our customers, employees or community and have given this matter long and thoughtful consideration. We deal in a perishable product and cattle have to be moved, notes have to be paid and feedlots need to be filled. We owe it to our producers, our employees and our buyers to do our part to keep some normalization in the marketplace. This isn't the plague or the great depression......3 weeks ago our economy was roaring, people have money and people have to eat....and they like real beef! Thank you for your understanding in this issue and let's all do our part to safely KAMA......keep America moving along.
Original Author: Ty Thompson